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Luxe Collective secures funding on Dragon’s Den

8th February 2024 ·
BBC Dragons Den

Dragons’ Den

Our client secured funding from the investor Steven Bartlett on “Dragons’ Den” –  a British television series where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of successful businesspeople, known as the “dragons,” in the hope of securing investment for their ventures.

In each episode, entrepreneurs present their business ideas and products to a panel of five investors, who are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. The entrepreneurs seek financial investment from the dragons in exchange for a percentage of their business equity. The dragons then ask questions, offer advice, and negotiate with the entrepreneurs before deciding whether to invest in their businesses.

BBC Dragons Den Luxe Collective

Luxe Collective

Our client Luxe Collective delivers the most up-to-date, in-trend pre-owned luxury pieces directly to customers in the most sophisticated way possible & offering a super quick, stress free selling process. Rare items? They have them. Your favourite pair of sneakers at a fraction of retail – they have them too! Want a quick sale for a great price? They will make sure of that.

Luxe Collective

We delivered a bespoke e-commerce selling system, allowing their customers to buy and sell directly through their website, with complex back-end integrations connected to an external API and their CRM.

You can watch the Luxe Collective team secure funding on BBC Dragon’s Den.

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